Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Airway

I have had one of the toughest weeks. It seems to me that my life at the moment consists of: school, study after school, exam at the end of every other week (or if I'm lucky enough, every single darn week).

So at first I cut down on my precious little outings. But it wasn't enough.

So then I cut down on my precious little evenings, which are now almost all spent with a book on my hand. But it wasn't enough.

So, instead of not going to tennis lessons, I cut down on my sleeping time (ah the mature choice) and now I have spent a week in which I have slept for 5 hours per day.


Come Wednesday morning, I feel like a giant cup of coffe walking around the hospital (in which I have been hiding the past few days whenever in agony). Hands shaking and all, I have lost all my natural and many cravings for foods and sweets. I eat because I have to. I don't finish my meals. In short:

I have spent two frickin' months trying to stick to a simple diet plan, with no weight loss whatsoever, but I lost 0.5 kg just by studying Neurology.

Lovely #2..!

I did honestly try to sleep more that night, but all I could do was sleep for 6 hours and 30' minutes, after which my eyes opened and refused to shut again even though my shaky self needed the sleep and it was still dark outside. (I mean, WTF?)

I may have made this sound too dramatic for you, but I am feeling way too NERVOUS and it's hitting me to the head.

You see there are two sides of this, both in my head, fighting to become the end of me, I guess.

Side One: I am too tired, and I should probably skip this exam and get some rest.
Side Two: It's only two months before the Christmas holidays, keep it up, do whatever you should, and maybe sth good will come out of this. The rest you would get wouldn't be enough anyway.

Side Two is what my heart and mind are set on, Side One is what my body needs.

So - I chose Side Two :) I'm a fighter, you see?!

On the bright side, I got a 7/10 for Endocrinology, which means that, no doubt, "sleepless Fridays" DO work sometimes... Yay for me!

Anyway, we had a teacher yesterday who was SO GOOD that I don't hate Neurology anymore. I love it. He was young (well, at around fourty, but for a Neurosurgeon that is young) and very enthousiastic with the way he tought us. So there was this nerd who kept reciting the whole Pathology book while answering his questions and I should quote "But Robbin's Pathology, sir, clearly states that.." AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!

but at some point he said:

"A cyclist has fallen down on the road, blood everywhere. What's the first thing you do?"

- and yours truely points to her throat.

He sees her- he smiles- he exclaims: "EXACTLY!"...

The nerd turns around and catches a glimpse of Ms Ellisa's smirk still clutching her larynx in a shaken sleepy smiling Nirvana agony-

and instead of shutting up and leting me do the talking (after all, the question was indeed mine to answer, right?)- the nerd begins:

"Oh yes, respiration" and she starts with her know-it-all stupid voice reciting the classic 3-15 or 2-10 first aid, kiss of life or whatever you call it, while I remain silent in a couple of seats away wondering what exactly had happened to me.

And then it happened.

The tiny, only, small ray of light in my week:

He raises his hand and stops her. He says:

"No. Not that. If you don't know the BASIC A-B-C-D's you will LOSE him, no matter what else you know"

And he turns to me, points at me with the same already raised hand, now in approval- the same in which he clutched her face in the dirt (okay okay I'll dial it down :) ) points at me and says - in words roughly translated because you can't find the exact translation in English -

"Say it baby!"

And I simply explained that "A", is "Airway", and you have to make sure he can breathe first, before doing anything else...

She started talking -again, I mean GAWD- trying to recite the way in which you free the airway but he stopped her, AGAIN, and life was good for me.

*she probably hates me now, but I don't care. Actually, I didn't interupt HER come to think of it*

After that lecture, with fresh blood running in my veins, as if someone had cleared MY airway (geddit now?) I studied as hard as I could, and I managed to sleep 7 hours and eat 3 slices of pizza last night out of sheer APPETITE.


Neurology awaits, however, and I shall close this post with a promise to myself: whenever I do get some time off, I will "shadow" doctors in the ER, or in the OR, or "wherev"R :)

PS. My tummy aches so baaaaad... I'm getting dizzy.... I'm getting nauseous... I feel like falling... :-(


Ashok FELIX said...

I've come back to your blog after a year and I honestly enjoyed the last class room part.......

kill the nerd next time she interrupts you....

And kiss the neurologist(is the spelling right?....hehe....

Nice Post...good to know the woes of a medical student....and I feel like writing my woes as an Electronics and Communication Engineering Student.....

No worries, I won't create any competition for your blog. just kiddin......

Just keep up the humour in your next posts

Ashok FELIX said...

Correction.....only about half year ago....

Ms-Ellisa said...

ashok felix: no-no-no, no kissing the neurologist!!!
I'm glad you liked that post. You should write too, because there are enough med-bloggers around but no Electronics and Communication Engineers... Go and make a difference...

Calavers said...

Well done!! SCORE!! It's always ABCs first, A being Airway with C-spine immobilization, of course! What a silly bint, interrupting you and trying to show off.

Well done, Ellisa!!! Wooohooo!

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been studying so much! Seems like my life in a nutshell. There just aren't enough hours in the day. And no way could I give up my sport time, because I'd die.

Oh, and thanks for the encouraging comment at my blog. As soon as something becomes of it, I'll post up more details.

Ashok FELIX said...

Just a small advice ( I know now for a fact after reading most of your posts that you don't like advices)

If you study(yes some more I am afraid) with the same amount of interest that you write your blog, then I am sure you will TOP your section(exaggerating? maybe.....).

Ms-Ellisa said...

calavers: Yes, do post if you can. :)

You should see my fumes on the Tennis field when my coach suggested that my team wasn't the best... Not exactly calming down after a long day, right?!

Ashok Felix: Good advice, well said... :-)

You should know though, that blogging is "my break" when I study at home. So when I get up I get back to my desk. Today I have studied for 8 full hours already, and I'm zonked,for example... :)

But you are, very right... This blog is on hiatus whenever things get tough.

Ashok FELIX said...

8 hours ...whoa...

And you are still alive and breathing? You study these many hours and you still don't get top grades.

Med-school sure is difficult.

I am in a University and I top my section just by ONE-DAY BATTING (studying bfore the xam). Of course that maybe because all the others below me are a little too intelligent or a little less intellgent.

A great man said(thatz me):
Hard Work sure does help. But for immediate results you have to learn the Smart Work.

steph said...

A really great post! You write so well - I was engrossed right to the end and I SO enjoyed your annihilation of that nerd!


Go take a break now - you deserve it, and GOOD LUCK with your next exam!


Anonymous said...

Your classes, are they in Greek? (probably a stupid question eh?)

Good for you for showing that nerd who's better! I'm sure the prof must have been slightly annoyed by her and her antics!

Go Ellisa, Go Ellisa, Go Go! Go ellisa!


Ms-Ellisa said...

Ashok Felix: "Smart Work", yes, that's the one I need...

Steph: Thanks Steph, I'm glad you liked the post too :)

Jess: (You're Jess, right?) Yes they are in Greek :-D LOL
I only blog in English, and maybe sing in English, and once in a blue moon I use English catch-phrases while joking with my dad, but other than that, I speak Greek all the time. I am a Greek girl, through and through. :-D

Yes he seemed annoyed and I was happy because the greek word he used was even more annoying for that nerdy nerd. It was something between "baby/beautiful girl" which can be used by both your grandma in a sweet way, and a guy in a different way. It didn't matter to me that she recited everything, it just wasn't fair that she turned around to look at me pointing to my airway and then butted in to "steal" my answer. She had her chances, it was my turn then. Luckily, she got what she deserved and by her look, she too accepted it that way (HAHAHA) :-D

Anonymous said...

Well then how did you learn such perfect english? Unless there were like English core classes in Greece like the French ones they have here?

(Sorry I don't know anything about your background and since it's a blog I probably shouldn't, but I'm just curious)

J ( yes it's Jess, I get lazy sometimes :P)

Ms-Ellisa said...

Jess: :-D

I lived in the States for a while when I was a child and I attended an English-only school, so I started to speak only English.

Then my parents started to speak Greek to me so I wouldn't forget it. But it's been many years from back then, so I can doubt the "perfect" in my English...! :-)

the little medic said...

Sorry to hear you're working so hard and having a bit of a hard time. I'm sure you'll get through it ok (it sounds like you're doing pretty well)
Take care

Harry said...

hey ms elisa!

that was a classic! oh i love it when gunners get put in their place - no one likes a smart arse!

Hope the placement isn't too taxing, Christmas is just around the really is - i bought myself a November advent calendar for an extra long run up!

The MSILF said...

Don't do it. That's my red line. I do not lose sleep to study. It just fries my brain too much. Better less study time with a good brain.

But great, if you can do it. I can't. I go insane without sleep.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Little Medic: Thank you :) Do post some jungle stories when you can...

Harry: I want that calender too. *stomp*

Sara: I don't go insane without sleep. I just shake all over and I speak words with no meaning... but other than that I'm TOTALLY fine... :)